Money For My Old Car

I have had my old, beat up car sitting in my driveway for months now.  It has occurred to me that it would cost me more money than it is worth in order to get it repaired, and so I recently began trying to figure out what I ought to do about it.  While browsing the web one day, I found a local place that gives cash for junk cars in seattle, and so I decided to look into this in order to see if this was a good option for me.  Upon further research, I found that there were actually a few different places that I could give my car to that would be able to give me some money for it, and so I began researching a little bit further in order to see what my absolute best option was.  I did not just want to take the first offer that I found, and so a little research really went a long way.

I obviously needed to find a place that would be able to come to get the car, as it did not drive at all.  Most of these places will tow the car free of charge, so that really is not a problem.  The next step was to find the place that would give me the most possible money for it, and so I called a few of the places in order to get estimates about how much they would be willing to pay.  I was able to compare these estimates in order to make sure that I got the most money for it that I could.

I got a pretty good payout for a car that was just sitting there for months, and I now know what I will do in the future.